Diablo 3 — We Need More PC Games on Consoles

As a person who only games on consoles, I always knew there were a lot of PC games I was missing out on and Diablo was one of those franchises. I saw my older brother pour countless hours into Diablo 2 so I always figured the series would be fun. After playing Diablo 3 for well over three days I can safely say I was right. As a sucker for loot and large numbers of enemies, Diablo 3 presented a perfect smorgasbord of game mechanics for me to enjoy.

Though the combat is quite simplistic, there really isn’t anything quite like single handedly mowing down hundreds of enemies within a matter of seconds. While games have tried to copy Diablo’s combat style, none are able to nail it quite like Diablo does. The fun part for me comes from experimenting with different armour sets and skills. There are a countless number of ways to play for each character and finding that perfect combination of gear and skills to decimate the enemy is extremely fun and satisfying.

I would also like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that Diablo 3 is one of the best couch co-op experiences out right now. Nowadays game developers rarely put in the effort to make a worthwhile local multiplayer experience, but Blizzard takes the time to add it to the game, even though the could have just left it out and no one would have batted an eyelash. It’s nice to play a game with a friend sitting right next to you that isn’t FIFA or 2K or Madden.

Diablo 3 is one of those games where the main experience doesn’t start until after you have beaten the main story. After beating the game and reaching the level cap the options for your character builds increase dramatically and you can begin farming for end game gear. It is only at this point where you can truly start to explore the different synergies at your character’s disposal. Unfortunately this is also the point in the game where there isn’t much to do beside doing greater rifts over and over again. This is the idea: do greater rifts to get better loot so that you can increase the rift level and get even better loot. It’s just not a compelling enough loop to keep me invested long enough to actually finish building out my characters.

Diablo 3’s story was forgettable to say the least. I could not tell you a single character’s name or location I visited throughout the campaign. I admit, I probably could have paid better attention to the story, but in my opinion it’s up to the story to grab my attention and hold it. Luckily I was never too concerned with how the story turned out, as I simply wanted to mow down hordes of monsters. While my enjoyment of the game was barely affected by the subpar story, I understand that many players prefer a well thought out narrative experience to go with their games, and I’m sad to report they won’t find one here.

Diablo 3 is one of those games that you could potentially play forever. After reaching the level cap you can still level up your paragon. To put this into perspective I immediately reached a paragon of 300 by playing through a single greater rift with a stranger who had a paragon of over 3000. You can also increase the greater rift levels as I mentioned before, as well as increase the torment level on top of that, so there’s plenty of challenge to be had even after hundreds of hours of gameplay. There will always be a better version of whatever pieces of gear you have equipped.

It’s great that console gamers are finally getting access to what were once PC exclusive titles. With real time strategy and MMORPGs coming out on Xbox, Playstation, and even Nintendo Switch, the gap between PC and consoles continues to shrink. Diablo 3 is a harbinger for this shift in the gaming landscape and is a can’t miss, especially for fans of dungeon crawlers and sweet sweet loot.





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Just your average gamer

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